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Francesco 'Chaz' Taranto (1990) from Zwolle already has a long resumé as a guitarist for bands such as KNARS (formerly Knarsetand), Quibus, Stefany June and NNENN.

He is currently (co-) producer and songwriter for the Berlin-based project O-SHiN, with whom he collaborated with - among many others - Thomas Azier-producer Robin Hunt, and is one-third of live improvised electronic music group BRIDGEFINDER.

Elemenopee's debut solo EP ‘First of May’ showcases a wide range of modern house music, ambient house perhaps being the most accurate description, but dub techno doesn’t sound foreign to Francesco either. 'Spatial, melancholic and with lots of percussion, that's the main thread.' ‘First of May’ also features the track ‘Poly Ring’, previously heard on Nieuwe Electronische Waar 11, the yearly compilation record featuring talented, up-and-coming electronic music producers.

Label it as you will, what’s clear is that the music must have an analogue feel: “Because the unpredictability of analogue synthesizers gives that extra magic to electronic music. They’ve gotta feel like instruments, not machines."

Ambient Deep Dub House Techno Electronica